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Welcome to Longdon Parish

Longdon is situated in the heart of England within the district of Lichfield and on the A51 approximately midway between Lichfield and Rugeley. Longdon Green is on the west side of the A51, Longdon (Brook End) on the east, Upper Longdon also on the west similarly Gentleshaw. (See map)

Surrounded by lush farmland, and bordering on the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty of the Forest of Mercia (Cannock Chase).

Several splendid villages located both sides of the A51 between Lichfield and Rugeley make up the Parish of Longdon, having a population of 1300, and covering an area of some 4500 acres, including a number of small hamlets. One of the largest is Beaudesert on the eastern side of Cannock Chase, which was the residence of the Marquis of Anglesey, the lord of the manor, and owner of the surrounding land.

The Bishops of Lichfield held the manor of Longdon up to 1546, when it was surrendered to Henry VIII, and in the same year, his Majesty granted ownership to Sir William Paget, an ancestor of the Marquis of Anglesey.

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Notice Board

See the Parish Council page for parish council notices and information.

Defibrillator Up and Running
Thank you to everyone who helped and donated to Longdon Pre-Schools efforts to raise money for a Public Access Defibrillator. Our first PAD is housed outside the Swan with Two Necks. This is for any member of the public to use in the event of a cardiac emergency. It is straight forward to use and you do not need training to be able to use it. This short film shows how to use our new defibrillator in the event of an emergency.


If you are an organisation in Longdon you may be interested in borrowing CPR training resources. We have 15 of the mannequins used in the video available to loan for training sessions. DVD copies of this training video are also available. Contact bryonylindley@gmail.com for details.

Parish Council News

New Face at the Parish Council At its last meeting, the Parish Council agreed to accept Coralie Kemp as a new co-opted parish councillor. It will be lovely to have some fresh ideas on the council. We will be doing an interview with Coralie in the near future so that you can get to know our new Councillor. We have 1 space remaining so if you would like to follow in Coralie's shoes, please click on this link: http://www.cpalc.org.uk/parish-councillor-job-description for a quick job description. OR for more information please contact the parish clerk.

Prior issues of the Parish Council news are also available.