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Annual Accounts and External Audit

The Internal and External Audit papers are available here.


The accounts will be available for publicly for viewing between 02.07.18 and 10.08.18. Further information is located in Other Documents - Finance.

BKV Childrens Poster Competition Results

On Thursday, 10th May, 2018 Councillors Ann Fullwood & Ken Taylor attended St. James Academy in Longdon to award prizes to the winners of the BKV Poster Competition

The Councillors had received 87 Posters from 4 classes and prizes were awarded to the winners of each class in the form of Monetary Gift Vouchers purchased by Longdon Parish Council.

It was a joyous event & each & every poster was wonderful. All the posters have been laminated and distributed around Longdon/Longdon Green & Upper Longdon on Notice Boards & in the bus stops for everyone to enjoy. Special Mention to Longdon Post Office/Store in Brook End who have kindly displayed several posters in their shop window.

Longdon Pre-School - Children attending Pre-School also got involved with the Poster Competition this year and their posters can be seen displayed in the windows of the Village Hall. Due to the age of the children at Pre-School a decision was made by the Parish Council/Pre-school management to purchase some small items for the playground for all the children to enjoy, rather than individual prizes - so Thank You to all involved.

Councillor Ann Fullwood

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