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Which Council provides a service?

When attempting to communicate with local government, some people are not sure which one to contact about particular issues. In this table we provide some pointers that may help you if you need to contact one of the local councils that serve our area.

Parish Council Lichfield District Council Staffordshire County Council
  • Bus shelters
  • Some public benches
  • Recreational facilities
  • Car parks
  • Notice boards
  • Funding emptying of dog bins
  • Grass cutting on Parish Council land
  • Commenting on planning applications
  • Coordinate and collect Council Tax
  • Environmental health
  • Housing benefits
  • Planning applications
  • Local plans
  • Arts and leisure
  • Public conveniences
  • Unclassified roads
  • Waste collection
  • Tree and listed building preservation
  • Education and youth employment
  • Transport
  • Social services
  • Some planning applications
  • Strategic local plans
  • Recreation, arts and museums
  • Roads and pavements including blocked drains and any hazards
  • Grass cutting of highway verges and islands
  • Waste disposal
  • Street lights, signs and traffic lights
  • Footpaths
Welcome » Parish Council » Which Council?